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We are a team of high-tech veterans, with decades of experience in Marketing, Sales and Product Marketing with both start-ups to mid-sized companies. When we launched Marketteer, we identified a huge gap in the market for ‘Marketing as a Service’. It seemed the market space was filled with Business Development (cold calling) services, CFO services and many others, yet no company was focused on Marketing specific to the high-tech scene.

Our vision is to help small companies grow, from the initial idea and planning to achieving worldwide recognition. We use our years of experience to deliver a one-stop-shop for everything marketing. Eliminating the need for companies to deal with or handle the marketing end of the business, when there are so many other factors which need attention.

We’ve set up the entire operation needed to achieve awesome marketing, we have a dedicated team of designers, content writers, website developers, technical consultants and other gurus.

We’re here to make you successful!

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